Preemiemeet 2023

Preemiemeet 2023

Celebrating resilience and strength at Preemiemeet 2023!

Aster Volunteers at Dr. Moopen’s Medical College, in collaboration with the Departments of Pediatrics and Social Work, orchestrated a heartwarming gathering – our inaugural get-together for Prematurely Born Babies. This event is dedicated to honoring the tenacity of our infants born much earlier than expected.

Under the patronage of our Vice Dean, Dr. AP Kammath, and alongside Dr. Aneesh Basheer, Additional Medical Superintendent, Dr. Kogil from the Pediatric Department, and other esteemed leaders, we came together to celebrate these little warriors.

The day encompassed comprehensive medical check-ups, vibrant cultural programs, heart-to-heart experience sharing, and the joy of gift distribution. It was a beautiful testament to the resilience of these special infants.


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