The Anti-Ragging Committee of the institution shall take appropriate measures to prevent ragging and makes appropriate decisions, with regard to punishment or otherwise, depending on the facts of each incident of ragging and the nature and gravity of the incident of ragging.

The anti-ragging committee is formed with the honest intention of keeping the campus free of ragging from day one. The committee will take up the following measures to prevent the occurrence of ragging:

  • Spread awareness of the ill effects of ragging through banners, hoardings, talks etc. at strategic points.
  • Display the consequences of the act of ragging.
  • Surprise visits to the hostels, food court, and play areas by squad members.
  • Provide each new student with the contact numbers of key administrative members in case of emergency.
  • In addition to the preventive measures, the committee will investigate and take stringent action against the offenders in case of any untoward incident, as per the directions of the Supreme Court ruling.

Helpline No: 1800 180 5522, Institutional Contact No:1800 270 3536

Anti-Ragging Squad Members

Sl. No. Name Designation & Department Telephone No. Email Id
1 Dr. Gopakumaran Kartha K N Dean 8111881012
2 Dr. Arbettu Prabhakara Kamath Vice Dean 9544954402
3 Dr. Manoj Narayanan MS and Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics 9544954465
4 Dr. Vishnu R Professor & HOD Department of Pharmacology 92073 20999
5 Dr. Shanavas Palliyal AGM, Secretary PTA & Associate Professor, Dept of Dentistry 9847665570
6 Mr. Najeeb Karadan PTA President 8281405038
7 Dr. Sree Lekshmi J Assistant Professor Dept of Forensic Medicine & Warden 8943583055
8 Dr. Deepthy B J Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology & Warden 8111881036
9 Dr. Girija C Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology 9074043266
10 Adv. Zalazi Kallangodan Senior Legal Officer 9544954418
11 Mr.Rajkumar CI, Meppadi Police Station 9497947271
12 Mr.Sreejith TN President JCI,  Kalpetta 9447441469
13 Mr.M Kamal Media Person,Mathrubhumi  News,Wayanad 9747540321
14 Mr. Joy M L Chief Security Officer 9544954463
15 Ms. Sukritha K M Assistant Professor, Dept of Anatomy & Warden 8111881259
16 Mr. Suryanath P R Union Chairman 99020 02650
17 Ms. Gopika S Narayanan Union Vice Chairperson 80862 16476
18 Mr. Sreejesh S I Year Student Representative 6282640969
19 Ms. Lyla Mehreen I Year Student Representative 8714104597