Kindness/Wish Tree

Kindness/Wish Tree

We’re thrilled to announce the unveiling ceremony of the Kindness/Wish Tree by Aster Volunteers Of Dr. Moopen’s Medical College in collaboration with Astraios College Union!

Our beloved Executive Trustee, Mr. U Basheer, spearheaded the ceremony in the esteemed presence of Dean Dr. Gopakumaran Kartha, Vice Dean Dr. AP Kammath, Medical Superintendent Dr. Manoj Narayanan, Additional Medical Superintendent Dr. Aneesh Basheer, DGM-Administration Mr. Soopy Kallangodan, DGM-Operations Dr. Shanavas Palliyal,Finance Head Mr. Usman, HR Head Mrs. Sangeetha Susan, CNO Mr. Gireesh Unnikrishnan, College Union Chairman Mr. Shanker, and other dignitaries.

Mr. U Basheer and Dr. Gopakumaran Kartha jointly inaugurated the Wish Sponsorship program, marking the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Our Wish Tree project is all about making dreams come true! We’re dedicated to fulfilling the little wishes of orphans and disabled children, granting them the joy of seeing their dreams fulfilled. Join us in spreading love and hope! #WishTreeProject


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