Jyothi Nivas Charitable Society-Trip to Poopoli 2024

Jyothi Nivas Charitable Society-Trip to Poopoli 2024

Embracing Love, Compassion, and Community 🌸

In the heart of Wayanad, where compassion knows no bounds and love flows like a river, Aster Volunteers stand tall as beacons of hope. Jyothi Nivas Charitable Society, a haven for the homeless and destitute, is a testament to the divine connection between humanity and heaven.

Founded in 1989 by the visionary Mr. Johney, P.A., and inspired by the unwavering spirit of Mother Teresa, Jyothi Nivas Charitable Society offers a sanctuary for those whose lives have been confined within four walls. It is a family atmosphere that nurtures the souls of the homeless, mentally ill, and palliative patients.

On the sacred occasion of National Palliative Day, observed every January 15, Aster Volunteers at Dr. Moopen’s Medical College embarked on a journey of love and joy. The inmates of Jyothi Nivas Charitable Society were treated to a day of bliss at Poopoli 2024 – The International Flower Fest Venue.

As the sun blessed the day, our volunteers shared smiles, laughter, and cherished moments with the incredible souls at Jyothi Nivas Charitable Society. The trip to Poopoli 2024 became a celebration of life, breaking the barriers of confinement and filling hearts with the fragrance of blooming flowers.

We’re honored to share a glimpse of this heartwarming program, a testament to the power of compassion and the profound impact of collective goodwill. Let us continue to spread love, support, and kindness, making the world a brighter place for those in need.


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