World TB Day

World TB Day

Aster Volunteers Wayanad commemorates World TB Day! 🌍🩺 In collaboration with the Pulmonology Dept. and BD Dept., we conducted in-house and outreach programs to raise awareness.

During the in-house program, Dean Dr. Gopakumaran Kartha inaugurated the event, alongside Medical Superintendent Dr. Manoj Narayanan and Head of Pulmonology Dept Dr. Santhosh Kumar. Dr. Linija, Pulmonologist, discussed strategies to combat TB, while our Second-year MBBS students showcased effective approaches through role-play.

In the outreach program at Kalppetta Bus Stand, Dr. Linija led an awareness talk followed by a role-play by MBBS students. Together, we’re fostering collaboration to fight TB! 💪#AsterVolunteers




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