A space to touch lives..

A space to touch lives..

When God’s mercy flows from heaven to earth through great humans, heaven kisses the earth. Like moonlit droplets of love and compassion, it becomes succor for lonesome souls, shelter for the destitute, and a roof for the derelict. Peace Village – “A space to touch lives” – is a dream project that bloomed when mercy found human form. Providing protection and care from abandoned infants to forlorn elderly, Peace Village stands as a beacon of hope.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Aster volunteers from Dr. Moopen’s Medical College organized a special medical camp and celebration for the inmates of Peace Village. Mr. Shameem Parakkandy, Standing Committee Chairman of Thariodu Grama Panchayath, inaugurated the gathering. The event featured talks by DGM Mr. Soopy Kallangodan and Dr. Shabeeba Irfana, Consultant of the Dental Department, along with a vibrant cultural program. Inmates enjoyed singing, storytelling, and dancing, making the day memorable.





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